Davis Cup 2016 – GBR vs ARG

Davis Cup 2016 – GBR vs ARG
17th October 2016 Carol Mackillop

September saw the return of the Davis Cup to the Emirates Arena, Glasgow for the GBR vs ARG match.

We have provided the furniture for two previous Davis Cup matches however this time, the client wanted something a bit different to the clean and minimalist look we had created before.

This gave us the perfect opportunity to use our Tomahawk bar with some more traditional furniture options including our Chesterfields and wooden top tolix style tables. We also added some colour to the space using our volt stools in red, blue and white (perfect for the UK flag!) and adding cushions to the soft seating in the same colours to tie everything together.

We also tweaked the furniture for the 5th floor hospitality area to include our quad bar tables to provide more high seating around the window space instead of soft seating and our new Clasico bar which really created a more modern space.

It was another successful job for All Event Hire (if not for team GBR!) and we are looking forward to the Davis Cup returning in 2017!